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Main Factors Affecting The Performance Of Feed Hammer Mill
- Jul 23, 2018 -

In general, there are many factors affecting the production capacity and granulation effect of the feed hammer mill. Therefore, in practice, we need to analyze the main influencing factors to ensure the quality and efficiency of the product. First of all, the weight, shape and material of the hammer used in the hammer mill are an important factor.


This is because in the production process of the hammer mill, the kinetic energy of the hammer is proportional to the weight of the hammer, that is to say, the heavier the hammer, the greater the kinetic energy of the hammer, and the better the crushing effect. However, as the weight of the hammer increases, the centrifugal force generated by the rotation increases, and the load on the rotor and other parts of the honing machine increases accordingly, so that the weight needs to be controlled within an appropriate range.


Secondly, the rotational speed of the feed hammer mill rotor also has a certain impact on its performance. Under normal circumstances, under the condition that the number of hammers is constant, the higher the rotational speed of the rotor, the greater the kinetic energy of the hammer, so the more times the hammer is hammered in a unit time, the higher the crushing efficiency and the smaller the particles, but As the speed increases, the load on the motor, the vibration and noise of the machine increase, and the strength of the machine parts and the balance of the rotor are also high.