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Granular Feed Machine Use Method
- Jun 27, 2018 -

1. Before installation, check whether the dimensions of the installation foundation meet the requirements of the drawings according to the plan of the equipment and the foundation drawing. If there are any discrepancies, repair should be carried out until the dimensions are correct and then install it.

2. The installation personnel should be familiar with the installation requirements of each equipment and strictly follow the technical requirements for construction.

3, the equipment may cause deformation, damage or loss in the process of transportation, so before installation, it is necessary to compare and check the equipment schedule, and take corresponding measures to make the equipment reach a good state, and then install.

4. Each equipment shall be numbered before entering the installation site. The installation process flow card and schedule shall be formulated. According to the requirements of the installation process sequence, the equipment shall be transferred to the site one by one for installation.

5. Installation sequence: From top to bottom, after the host equipment and rack are in place, install the connecting pipes and electrical equipment.

6, the installation of the necessary tools: equipment and village materials must be complete /

7. After the installation, the rotating parts of the equipment must be rotated flexibly, with no card, impact and percussion sound. Each connecting part must be firm and sealed, and there must be no leakage, leakage, or oil leakage.