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Wood pellet machine use characteristics and advantages
- Aug 23, 2018 -

The main drive of the wood pellet machine adopts its high-precision gear transmission, and its ring die adopts the quick release type hoop type. When the operation is carried out, the whole machine transmission part uses advanced bearings, so that the transmission can be ensured to a certain extent with high efficiency. Stable, low noise, ring die adopts quick release hoop type, feeding adopts frequency conversion speed feeding to ensure uniform feeding, door cover with strong feeder, an international advanced level compensation type serpentine spring coupling The utility model has the advantages of novel structure, compactness, safety, low noise and low failure performance.

Wood pellet machine features

1. The wood pellet machine adopts high-precision involute cylindrical helical gears for direct transmission, and its transmission efficiency can reach over 98%.

2. The gear tooth blank is subjected to normal heat treatment after water forging, so that the hardness of the tooth surface can be improved, and the tooth surface is carburized. The carburized layer is up to 2.4 mm deep to enhance the wear resistance and prolong the service life of the parts. The hard tooth surface is processed by the silent fine grinding process to make the operation quieter and more stable.

3. Wood pellet machine main shaft and conjoined hollow shaft are made of imported alloy structural steel by water forging, roughing, heat treatment, finishing and fine grinding. The structure is reasonable and the hardness is uniform to improve the fatigue resistance and wear resistance of the parts, to provide more reliable protection for safe operation.