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What are the functions of the feed harmer mill?
- Sep 06, 2018 -

The feed harmer mill first has a good crushing function and can crush different materials to facilitate the next process. The feed mill is driven by a motor to drive the rotor of the pulverizer at high speed, so that the high-speed airflow generated by the machine produces high-strength impact force, compression force, cutting force and friction force for the pulverized material, and achieves the purpose of crushing, which is mainly used for crushing various feeds and Various roughages.


In fact, the feed harmer mill not only has a smashing function, but also has many other functions:


The crushing function can achieve the purpose of fragmentation by the impact force generated by the high-speed running parts during the operation of the feed mill. The method has high productivity, low calorific value, and less gray powder is suitable for adding brittle materials.


The function of mass break is actually to continuously rub the raw materials and break them. The advantage is that the manufacturing cost is low and the required power is small. The disadvantage is that the ground temperature of the milled product is high, the powder is large, and the fineness is difficult to control. Suitable for processing materials with large plasticity.


In addition, the feed harmer mill also has a crushing function. At this time, the feed is crushed by means of two smooth rolls of the same surface at the same speed, and is used for crushing the feed such as barley as a large livestock.