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What are the excellent properties of Biaxial Paddle Feed Mixer?
- Aug 02, 2018 -

The so-called stainless steel Biaxial Paddle Feed Mixer, also often referred to as a two-axis paddle high-efficiency mixer, is suitable for the mixing of powder, granules and flake materials. At present, stainless steel Biaxial Paddle Feed Mixer has been widely used in chemical, paint, resin, pesticide, detergent, pigment, food, ceramics, rubber and plastic additives, dry mortar and other industries.


The main features of the stainless steel Biaxial Paddle Feed Mixer:

1. The machine can not only realize the mixing between solid and solid (powder and powder), the mixing and drying between solid and liquid (powder and liquid), but also can be used as reaction equipment;

2. For the requirements of different users, the structure of the machine can be designed and processed according to actual needs;

3. Under normal circumstances, the machine has the advantages of fast mixing speed, high precision and low energy consumption;

4. In practical application, the stainless steel biaxial paddle feed mixer does not produce segregation during the mixing process of materials with large differences in specific gravity and particle size, and the uniformity is good;

5. The machine can be operated under closed conditions, reliable operation and convenient use.