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What are the characteristics of aqua feed pellet mill?
- Oct 13, 2018 -

Compared with the traditional feed production equipment, the characteristics of the aquatic feed granulator are quite prominent. For example, the overall installation is simple, the operation is convenient, the maintenance cost is low, and the plant requirements are not high due to the small floor space. small.


In the workflow of the aqua feed pellet mill, advanced equipment such as a drop-type hammer mill, a two-shaft paddle mixer, a dual-motor belt drive granulator, and a counter-flow cooler are required to complete the production process. Centralized control by electronic control analog screen, each device has a one-stop operation mode, and each device is equipped with protection measures.


aqua feed pellet mill can not only produce livestock and poultry feed and fish feed, but also can be applied to feed mills and farms due to their wide range of applications and versatile performance. At the same time, it can also be realized by using the self-cleaning function of the conveying equipment and the mixer, which has the characteristics of less pollution and small residue. In addition, installing a dust removal system in the workshop can effectively prevent dust in the workshop and protect the equipment and personal safety.