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Use and maintenance of horizontal feed mixer
- Oct 31, 2018 -

The horizontal feed mixer mainly adopts the design of the double reducer in the process of operation, so that the transmission can be ensured smoothly, the power consumption is reduced to a certain extent, and the speed control can be operated, and the door shaft and the connecting rod are opened. The improvement of the mechanism, so as to ensure that the door opening angle is greater than 90 ° when opening the door (not falling on the door), and can be locked when the door is closed.


The structure of the discharge gate of the horizontal feed mixer is improved, so that the sealing surface of the seal can be enlarged, and the sealing property is better without leaking. The uniquely designed return air system ensures a smooth airflow during the feed. The advanced addition and spraying system can add a variety of liquids, solids, etc. at the same time, precise spraying and convenient control.


Use and maintenance of horizontal feed mixer


When the horizontal feed mixer is in operation, no hard foreign matter larger than 5mm may enter the machine. If abnormal sound such as metal impact or friction is found during operation, it shall be stopped and checked in time. When it is mixed with solid-liquid, it should be operated first, then sprayed, and after the liquid is finished, continue to mix for 3 to 5 minutes.


The horizontal feed mixer should periodically change the lubricating oil of the reducer and the bearing during the use. The lubricating oil of the reducer has no grade according to the requirements of the reducer manual, and the composite bearing has a lithium grease.http://www.china-hqpelletmill.com/