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The unique advantages of premix feed production line
- Jul 25, 2018 -

The premix feed line can effectively solve the production requirements of different customers. We can not only improve the feed processing equipment and process for the users, but also provide customers with a full range of personalized services to help the feed factory operate in the most economical way. Thereby achieving higher cost performance and strong competitiveness.


The premix feed production line has many special advantages. Firstly, the high-precision micro-component batching system is arranged in the production to ensure the batching and metering of various trace elements, and various trace elements and drugs can be added to improve the animal's Disease prevention and disease resistance;


Secondly, the mixing system is advanced and reliable, not only the mixing speed is fast, but also the uniformity is high, the residual rate is low, and the mixing precision is ensured; the professional premixing production, the mixer adopts one big and one small process configuration, and the reasonable arrangement according to the premix type is recommended. Production, reducing energy waste and reducing production costs. In addition, the production line uses a special batching bin to strictly prevent cross-contamination of the batching process and ensure product quality.