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The nature requirements and water content of the water drop type feed hammer mill
- Aug 25, 2018 -

The water drop type feed hammer mill will effectively increase the pore size of the discharge screen during the operation, and the rubber pellets will increase or It is reduced, and the different sizes of the rubber particles have different drying effects, so the size of the selected pore size must also be determined by the drying test.

The different properties of the water drop type feed hammer mill mainly refer to the solidification concentration of the latex and the hardness and water content of the clot, which have a certain influence on the granulation effect when the operation is performed. If the fresh latex standard glue is produced, the solidification concentration of the latex is generally controlled at 20-25%. When the solidification concentration is constant, the pretreatment method of the clot is different, and the effect on the granulation effect is great.

Although the rubber particles produced by the water-drop type feed hammer mill are relatively thin, the water content of the rubber particles is high, and it is easy to bond into a mass after being heated, the drying time is long, and the rubber or the sticky phenomenon may occur. The film rolled by a plurality of cymbal machines is thin (the thickness is generally 5-6 mm), the surface is rough, and the film has many small pores, which is not only beneficial to granulation, but also produces uniform rubber granules. The water volume is low, it is not easy to stick to agglomerates, and the drying time can be shortened.