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Structure and arrangement of poultry feed mixer machine
- Nov 27, 2018 -

The benefits of the farm are determined by the animals. The forage blender produced by the poultry feed mixer is professionally designed to facilitate cleaning, reduce the growth of germs, ensure boring hygiene, and thus ensure the health of the animals. The application of poultry feed mixers can replace the work of workers.

Poultry feed mixer machine are available in a variety of configurations, such as vertical, horizontal, and slurry. The most widely used horizontal feed mixers are widely used because of their high production efficiency, high reliability, and low price.

The feed mixing mechanism of the poultry feed mixer machine was analyzed. The spiral angle of the key structural parameters, the arrangement of the stirring arm and the rotating shaft speed were analyzed. The virtual prototype model was established. The static strength analysis of the stirring shaft and the overall stirring device were carried out. Modal analysis and discrete element numerical simulation of the stirring system were carried out to numerically analyze the trajectory of the feed particles and their mixing uniformity.