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Smashing method selection and fastening degree of the hammer mill feed grinder
- Jan 14, 2019 -

The hammer mill feed grinder is mainly used for crushing grain feed. In operation, the top-loaded hammer mill can be selected to crush the bran grain wheat feed. Claw mill, if it is required to have good versatility, mainly crushed grain, and take into account the cake valley and straw, you can choose the tangential feed hammer mill; crush the shell and other mineral feed, you can choose the shell sieveless crusher. .

Hammer mill feed grinder smashing method selection

The installation and fixing of the hammer mill feed grinder must be fixed before use. If it is operated at the same place for a long time, the mill can be fixed on the cement foundation. If the work location is changed frequently, it should be crushed. The machine and motor are fixed to the base made of angle iron. If the pulverizer uses a diesel engine as the power, the diesel engine power should be slightly larger than the pulverizer power, and the pulley grooves of the two should be the same, and the outer end faces of the pulleys should be on the same plane.

After the hammer mill is installed, the degree of tightness of each component should be checked. If there are loose parts or screws, they should be tightened. Check if the teeth, hammer and rotor of the feed mill are running smoothly and there is no collision.

Rotate the rotor by hand and the rotor turns in the same direction as the arrow on the machine. Drag the belt by hand to check if the moving part is flexible.