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Rotating speed requirements and drying effect of animal feed hammer mill
- Oct 19, 2018 -

The rotor speed of the animal feed hammer mill can not be increased excessively, mainly because the rotation speed is too high, the load of the motor, the vibration and noise of the machine are increased, and there is no obvious benefit to the yield and the drying of the rubber particles. Therefore, the rotor The working speed is set at 2000r/min.


Opening ratio of the discharge screen of the animal feed hammer mill


In the case where the total area of the discharge screen is constant, the opening ratio of the product is related to the aperture size of the opening, the number of holes, the spacing of the holes and the arrangement of the holes. As the opening rate of the discharge screen increases, the discharge capacity of the screen increases. It should be pointed out that the opening rate of the discharge screen must ensure that the discharge amount is greater than (minimum should be equal to) the feed amount, otherwise the machine will be clogged, and once blocked, the rubber particles that are not discharged from the machine will roll. Into a large rubber ball, the motor will be overloaded and burned.


In the case of the animal feed hammer mill, when the total area and the diameter of the discharge screen are determined to be constant, as the hole spacing is reduced, the number of openings will increase, and the opening ratio will increase, which is beneficial to increase the discharge amount. And reduce power consumption. However, in order to ensure the strength, rigidity and service life of the discharge screen, the hole spacing should not be too small, otherwise, the discharge screen will be accelerated by the impact, grinding and residual acid corrosion of the wide rubber material to accelerate wear or damage.


In the case of the animal feed hammer mill, when the opening ratio of the discharge sieve is constant, as the pore size increases or decreases, the rubber particles produced will also increase or decrease, and the rubber pellets of different sizes have different The drying effect, therefore the size of the pore size must also be determined by the drying test.