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Related requirements for adding lubricating oil to livestock feed pellet machine
- Oct 06, 2018 -

For the livestock feed pellet machine, the lubricant is not as much as possible. One equipment is designed to strictly regulate its fueling amount. The livestock feed pellet machine is also the same, so the operator should observe the oil according to the instructions. Adding smooth oil to the standard, sight glass, etc., has side effects.


Secondly, not all smooth oils are suitable for the use oflivestock feed pellet machine. When designing livestock pellets, the lubricants used in the pelletizers are regulated according to the mechanism of the pellet machine. In order to make the equipment properly lubricated in different environments, it is necessary to participate in the necessary amount of additives in the lubricating oil. The additives added to the various lubricating oils are different, and the functions exhibited are different, so it depends on the condition of the equipment. And use the environment to select the right lubricant to achieve outstanding lubrication.


After the oil is replaced by the waste oil replaced by the livestock feed pellet machine, it can be reused after being treated by the corresponding method, but do not directly apply the waste oil. It must be dehydrated by the oil-water separator and filtered to filter the machinery. Impurities and sludges are then used.https://www.china-hqpelletmill.com/