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Production efficiency and use advantages of animal feed mixer
- Oct 22, 2018 -

In the process of using the animal feed mixer, it is mainly for small-scale feedlots, small and medium-sized compound feed mills, and small-scale feed processing equipment designed by rural farmers. It can also stir the putty powder and chemical raw materials to have good effects. It integrates vertical lifting, mixing bin and horizontal conveying; it has the advantages of simple and compact structure, one-time small investment, economical and practical, convenient maintenance and no special production site.


The animal feed mixer mainly adds the materials to be mixed from the lower feed port. When the operation is carried out, the stirring material in the feed mixer is mainly from the feed hopper of the vertical mixer into the vertical screw conveyor, and is lifted upwards. After the top end, fly in an umbrella shape, fall from the circumference of the mixing drum, re-enter the vertical auger from the notch at the bottom of the sleeve, and lift up again, so that the mixing and mixing are repeated until the mixing is uniform, and the material is opened at the discharge port. Unloading.


Although the animal feed mixer can effectively improve its production efficiency to a certain extent, farmers must pay attention to the operation specifications when using the feed mixer. Before using the feed mixer, in addition to the need to check the whole machine, the belt should be adjusted tightly. After starting the machine, use a powder tester of about 15 kg to observe whether the machine can discharge normally. After the official start of the use of the feed mixer, be sure not to force the feed with hands, sticks, etc., in case the hand is caught in the machine.http://www.china-hqpelletmill.com/