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Production capacity and granulation effect of poultry feed hammer mill
- Nov 03, 2018 -

The weight of the hammer and kinetic energy of the poultry feed hammer mill is directly proportional. The heavier the hammer, the greater the kinetic energy of the hammer, the better the crushing effect will be when used, but the larger the weight of the hammer, the more it rotates. The greater the centrifugal force generated, the greater the load on the rotor and other parts of the honing machine. On the other hand, if the hammer is too light, the kinetic energy of the hammer will be small, the breaking ability will be weakened, and even the hammer will be easily overloaded during work, thereby accelerating the wear of the pin.


The shape and material of the poultry feed hammer mill have a certain influence on its granulation effect. The "T" hammer has a sharp impact on the top of the hammer, so it not only has a good impact effect, but also has a tearing effect than a square, stepped, The three convex hammers are all good. In addition, if the hammer is not wear-resistant, the crushing effect of the worn hammer is poor, and the produced rubber particles are large and uneven, thereby affecting the drying of the rubber particles.


The poultry feed hammer mill has the same speed of the rotor under the condition that the number of hammers is constant, so the kinetic energy of the hammer will be larger. The more times the hammer is hammered in the unit time, the higher the crushing efficiency, the particles The smaller the size, but the higher the speed, the higher the load on the motor, the vibration and noise of the machine, and the higher the strength of the machine parts and the balance of the rotor.