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Precautions for the operation of rice husk pellet making machine
- Nov 17, 2018 -

The rice husk pellet making machine has large output, good effect and long service life. When the equipment is made into feed, it will mix the concentrate, will not block, and the yield is high. The feed made after high temperature aging is more suitable for livestock.

The rice husk pellet making machine needs a correct start-up process. Many users do not pay attention to the sequence of the process during use, and there are potential safety hazards.

After the rice husk granule presses the main button on the electric control cabinet, the equipment starts to run. At this time, the rice husk pellet making machine does not really start well, and neither the granulation nor the oil washing can be added. After the device starts to delay, the current meter shows that the current is normal. Some oily materials should be put in first, and the ring mold should be flushed for about one minute to warm the ring mold.