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Precautions and inspection requirements for the use of livestock feed pellet machine
- Oct 24, 2018 -

After the hyperbolic gear oil is added to the gearbox of the livestock feed pellet machine, it can be turned on. Before the work, it is necessary to check whether the power wiring is safe and whether the steering meets its requirements. To some extent, whether the fastening screws of each part are loose. Phenomenon, loosen the adjustment roller roller bolt, start the machine to listen for abnormal noise, if there is abnormal noise, stop the inspection.


When the livestock feed pellet machine is used for the first time, the grinding disc is ground, and the pressure roller bolt is adjusted to make the pressure roller and the template gap. Need to take out 10 kg of compound feed and add 0.5 kg of vegetable oil and mix well to start the pellet feed machine. Add the oil feed, add a small amount of the particles to be extruded, and gradually increase the number of extruded pellets several times before adding the mixture. Powdered materials work normally.


The livestock feed pellet machine needs to remove the stock in the machine after work, so as to prevent mildew, the residual material in the pores of the pellet machine can be cleaned in a short time, and can be directly added to the mixed feed after repeated use, such as long downtime. The residual material in the template hole should be clear and rust-proofed.