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Operational process of animal feed production line
- Dec 10, 2018 -

1. Crushing system: The raw materials are sorted and selected, and each raw material is selected in a separate cleaning system and a selection system, and the fineness required for the pulverization to the expansion molding is separately performed. The working height of the crushing system is 16-25 meters.

2. Mixing system: After the raw materials are selected and pulverized separately, they are mixed into a mixer, mixed uniformly, and the moisture content and humidity required for puffing are adjusted. The height of the plant operation required for the hybrid system is 5-15 meters.

3. Puffing molding: RN90 series of large-scale wet twin-screw extruder, using boiler heating to pre-cook the powdered material in the twin-shaft conditioner, and then expanding it by twin-screw extrusion, the output is large, more than 1 ton per hour. The feed pellets are well formed, the surface is smooth and fine, and the puffing is uniform.

4. Drying system: The pellets after puffing need to be dried as soon as possible. Our company uses a multi-layer mesh belt type puffing granule special continuous drying box to increase the drying effect by hot air circulation. Drying boxes can be divided into electric heating, fuel gas heating, steam boiler heating, etc. according to different heat sources.

5. Seasoning system: automatic seasoning system, injection spray (dusting) integration. The fuel injection system will spray the grease on the surface of the particles after drying the feed pellets in the drying oven. After the oil is sprayed, the next process is an automatic shotcreting (dusting) system.