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Necessary conditions for the normal operation of animal feed production lines
- Jul 20, 2018 -

In general, the animal feed production line needs to meet several aspects in order to function properly:


The first is to ensure good crushing particle size control technology. For the animal feed production line, the technology is to pulverize various feed ingredients to the particle size most suitable for animal utilization, so that the compound feed product can obtain the maximum feed efficiency and benefit. To achieve this goal, we must thoroughly study the optimal use of different animal feed materials for different feed ingredients.


The second is to properly grasp the accuracy of the ingredients. That is to say, the animal feed production line should achieve precise control of the amount of ingredients for different ingredients in each batch. Pre-mixed premixed and high-precision micro-dosing systems for trace additives.


The third aspect is the requirement for advanced mixing control technology, and the production of animal feed production lines, including compound feed, concentrated feed, additive premix feed, and liquid feed mixing uniformity control technology. Choosing the right mixer and the right mixing time and method are key to ensuring the quality of the mix.