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Mill separation
- Jun 27, 2018 -

In actual production, the material is not free to leave the mill from the discharge end. The discharge end of the mill has the effect of suppressing the discharge of large particles. The small particles can be discharged smoothly, while the large particles are left in the mill. The medium continues to be ground, this effect is called export grade. This function of the mill itself will affect the time the material stays in the mill, and the different discharge methods inhibit the size of the effect. For the lattice type ball mill, the effect of the lattice has a greater inhibitory effect on the discharge of large particles, and even if the lattice opening is large, the partial large particles will be prevented from being discharged. This effect also exists in overflow ball mills, but it is less effective than lattice ball mills. Modeling, if you ignore this function will cause the large particle content of the model prediction value is too large.