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Maintenance and cleaning of animal feed pellet machine
- Aug 11, 2018 -

The feeder of the animal feed pellet machine needs to check the shifting gear once a week during the maintenance process, and the feeder screw bearing is used when it is used, so that an appropriate amount of lubricating oil can be added to the rolls, chains and bearings. The end of the feeder bushing is also lubricated daily.

The animal feed pellet machine is cleaned and conditioned, the mixer shaft of the equipment is inspected and cleaned, and the bearings at each end of the mixer are greased every other month. The feed chute is cleaned, and the granular material is sent to the granulation chamber efficiently from the conditioner mixer without passing through the flow sifter, and the chute must be kept clean and free of dents. If the magnet is placed, the accumulated metal should be cleaned before and after each turn-on.

The baffle cleaning of the animal feed pellet machine is mainly used to keep the tapered funnel on a clean surface, so that the material is evenly distributed to the pelletizing chamber, in order to ensure that no agglomerates in the material flow into the pelletizing chamber. . Spindle and drive assembly: According to different types of biomass pellet equipment, most models are designed to immerse all transmissions in lubricating oil, requiring only two oils per year. For individual models, the spindle bearings need to be lubricated once every 8 hours of operation.