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Installation and protection device for the poultry feed grinding machine
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The poultry feed grinding machine must have grounding and leakage protection devices when it is used, so that the safety of its workers can be ensured. When the machine is running, it will be affected by wooden sticks. Iron rides are not allowed to extend into the machine. When the feeding port is blocked, do not forcibly feed the materials by hand, wooden sticks, iron bars, etc., and suspend the machine until the feeding port is cleaned before continuing to work.

In general, do not start the unit of the poultry feed grinding machine with load. When the machine is running, adjust the control board to the appropriate position. The main and auxiliary materials should be evenly fed, and the motor should not be overloaded. When replacing the sieve with the hole diameter less than 4 mm, the feeding insert plate set on the feeding pipe should be properly adjusted. Otherwise, it is easy to jam the grinding disc, damage the bottom of the sieve, burn out the motor and electrical parts.

The poultry feed grinding machine unit should be installed away from fire source, ventilation and light transmission. The operator of the feed mixer must undergo strict professional training and be familiar with the various functions and precautions of the preparation machine. During the operation and use of the machine, the operator strictly abides by the operating procedures and must not operate in violation of regulations. To prevent the operation of the wine, the preparation machine must be safe when working, and the operator and other personnel must be outside the safe distance specified in the "Instructions for Use".