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Grinding medium and transmission method of chicken feed pellet mill
- Jan 24, 2019 -

The transmission mode of chicken feed pellet mill can be effectively divided into central drive ball mill and edge drive ball mill. During the process of use, the motor drives the mill to rotate through the reducer at the discharge end of the mill, and the reducer The output shaft is in line with the center line of the mill.

Grinding medium for chicken feed pellet mill

1. Ball mill. The grinding media loaded in the mill are mainly steel balls or steel segments. This type of mill is most commonly used.

2. Rod mill. A steel rod having a diameter of 50 to 100 mm is loaded into the mill as a grinding medium.

3. Baseball mill. This type of mill usually has 2 to 4 bins, and a cylindrical steel bar is placed in the first bin as a grinding medium, and then each bin is loaded into a steel ball or steel segment.