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Granulator main structure
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Granulators mainly consist of feeding, stirring, granulating, transmission and lubrication systems. The working process is to require the powder with a content of no more than 15%, from the hopper into the feeding auger, by adjusting the speed of the stepless speed regulation motor, to obtain the appropriate material flow, and then enter the stirrer, stirring and steam through the stirring rod Mixing and tempering, if you need to add molasses or grease, but also from the mixing tube and steam with the quenching and tempering, the amount of grease generally does not exceed 3%, otherwise it is difficult to form, after conditioning with powder temperature up to 64 ~ 85 °C The humidity reaches 14~16%. Then, iron impurities mixed in the powder are removed through a chute through an optional iron suction device, and finally enter the pressing room for granulation.