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Gear lubrication and transmission requirements for animal feed production lines
- Aug 17, 2018 -

The body of the animal feed production line is an independent rectangular column with a closed bearing seat and a powder bucket connection. The powder bucket extends out of the machine body, and a V-shaped chassis is mounted under it. The ground is wide and flat, so the lower part must be Installation, can be placed indoors.

The rotating drum of the animal feed production line is placed horizontally under the powder bucket, and has bearing supports at the front and the rear. It is driven by the rack to make a reverse rotation during the operation, and the front bearing cap of the end face is movable, when assembling and disassembling, As long as a wing nut is unscrewed, the bearing cap and the rotating drum can be extracted. The two ends of the roller are formed with a convex square ring embedded in the bearing chamber so that the oil does not penetrate into the powder and is not stuck.

The gearbox of the animal feed production line adopts worm gear transmission and the speed ratio is 1:12. The oil can be stored in the box to ensure good gear lubrication and no noise. The mirror can be observed on the box, observe the operation and oil storage, outside the worm gear. The end is equipped with an eccentric shaft to drive the rack to reciprocate.