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Functional and structural composition of the premix feed production line
- Sep 15, 2018 -

The premix feed production line is a set of unit equipment specialized in the production of premixes in the feed industry. The output can reach 0.25-3 tons per batch, and the mixing time of each batch is only 0.5-2 minutes. It has high yield and high efficiency. Features. The main purpose of making premixes is to make additive premixes, which are powdered feeds.


Thus the main function of the premix feed line is to mix the powdered ingredients in strict proportions to obtain the desired premix. The unit is suitable for large feed processing manufacturers. Because the premix is relatively small in the composition of the feed, it is generally only a large feed processing plant to select a special feed additive premix unit to process the additive premix.


In the premix feed production line, the main equipment is made of stainless steel, which can avoid the reaction of some active components in the equipment and additive premix. The main material in the feed premix processing unit is stainless steel to ensure the equipment. Safety and purity of the premix.