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Feed granulator bad phenomenon prevention and rectification measures
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The feed granulator is easy to use and greatly improves the quality of the pellet feed. For the user, in addition to reasonable selection of equipment, it is also necessary to follow the procedures in daily operations. For example, in the production, there is a phenomenon that the feed particles have axial cracks or radial cracks, and the powdering rate is high and the yield is low. At this time, the quenching and tempering temperature should be appropriately adjusted to increase the amount of steam during quenching and tempering.


However, if the surface of the finished pellet prepared by the feed granulator is not smooth enough, and the powder is more, this may be caused by the relatively small compression of the ring mold, and the compression hole should be enlarged and the ring mold compressed. If the surface of the pellet feed is smooth, but the hardness is too high, the compression of the ring mold may be relatively large, and the compression ratio of the ring mold should be lowered.


In addition, if the water content of the pellet feed produced by the feed granulator is high and the problem of blockage is frequently caused, it may be because the pressure relief valve cannot be decompressed or the trap cannot play a hydrophobic role. The pressure valve keeps the steam pressure entering the conditioner in an appropriate range. In addition, the quenching and tempering temperature can be increased accordingly, which is beneficial to the improvement of the material ripening degree.