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Discharge method and raw material selection of animal feed hammer mill
- Nov 20, 2018 -

In the production process, the top-feeding hammer mill can be selected based on the crushing of grain feed. In order to crush the wheat bran in the bran valley, a claw mill can be selected. If the crushed grain is the main one, and the cake valley and the straw are taken into consideration, the tangential feed hammer mill can be selected.

Mineral feed hammer mill crushed shells and other mineral feeds, can be used in the operation of the shell non-screen crusher; if used as pre-mixed feed pre-treatment, the size of the product is required to be fine and can be adjusted according to needs, should Use special non-screen crusher and so on.

The animal feed hammer grinding and crushing finished product can be output through the discharge device, and has three methods: self-weight blanking, negative pressure suction and mechanical conveying. Small single machines use self-weighting to reduce the structure. Most of the medium-sized pulverizers are equipped with a vacuum suction device. The advantage is that the moisture of the finished product can be absorbed, the humidity in the finished product can be reduced to facilitate storage, the pulverization efficiency is increased by 10% to 15%, and the dusting degree of the pulverization chamber is lowered.