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Computer Batching Feed Production Line composition and function
- Aug 04, 2018 -

Usually in the Computer Batching Feed Production Line, the main equipment includes: 1 set of automatic batching system, 1 set of automatic guiding device, 2 sets of feed lifting, 2 sets of mixing devices, 2 sets of automatic metering and packaging system, and total control cabinet and production line 1 set of system.


During the operation of the Computer Batching Feed Production Line, the main function of the automatic batching system is to automatically complete the batching of 3-20 kinds of raw materials according to the specified weight ratio; and the function of the automatic guiding device is to automatically discharge the materials discharged by the batching system. The guiding device guides each of the prepared materials to the subsequent mixing device; when the two mixing lines are working, it is an alternate operation mode.


Then, with the operation of the computerized feed production line, the feed lifting and mixing device can automatically raise the matched feed to the mixer, and automatically complete the mixing and discharging process according to the set time; the two sets of lifting and mixing devices work alternately. Increase production. The total control cabinet and the production line control system realize the automation of the whole batching, mixing and packaging lines to ensure continuous, efficient and stable work.