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Composition and configuration characteristics of feed pellet mill
- Sep 30, 2018 -

The feed pellet mill is mainly composed of a motor, a planetary gear reducer and a lubricating oil station, a grinding roller and a rocker device, a grinding disc device and a lower casing. It adopts the grinding principle of vertical mill, avoids the sorting and conveying method of vertical mill, and uses the external grinding cycle and V-type separator to classify.


The feed pellet mill fully utilizes the high efficiency of the grinding effect of the material layer grinding principle, and avoids the erosion and wear of the high wind speed and high concentration materials on the grinding machine body, the wearing parts and the system conveying pipeline. The rocker arm device of the feed pellet mill is fixed, the grinding roller only rotates without revolution, and the grinding roller bearing is very stable under a single working state; it can also be lubricated with thin oil circulation to improve the working environment of the bearing.


The feed pellet mill uses a bottom center drive, and all the rotating parts are surrounded by the body, which will not pose any safety hazard to the operator under any circumstances. In addition, the mature vertical wear consumables surfacing technology is adopted. The wearing parts are not only wear-resistant but also easy to repair, and the use cost is low; and the equipment is stable and vibration-free, and the requirements for infrastructure construction are low.