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Chicken granule machine has high ripening effect and high utilization rate
- Nov 10, 2018 -

In the process of working, the chicken feed pellet machine does not need to add water during the operation, and in the process of processing, under the pressure of the mechanical self-pressure friction, a certain high temperature is generated, so that the feed can be made in the feed. Starch has a certain degree of ripening effect, produces a strong aroma, and the feed texture is hard, consistent with the bio-characteristics of pigs, cattle and sheep, improving the palatability of the feed and easy to eat.


The particle formation process of the chicken feed pellet machine can waste less pancreatic enzymes in grains and beans. The degeneration factor of the resistance factor reduces the adverse effects on digestion, kills various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduces various parasitic diseases and digestive system diseases.


The chicken feed pellet machine is convenient to feed when it is operated, and has high utilization rate, is convenient for controlling the feeding amount, saves the feed, and is clean and hygienic. In the past, the feed was generally processed into powder and fed, and there were defects such as inconvenient feeding, poor palatability, picky eating of livestock, and low utilization rate. With the advent and popularity of new small pellet feed machinery, it is now convenient to process powdered feed into pellet feed. The granulation is pressed out from the die hole under the extrusion of the pressure roller, and the length of the granule can be conveniently adjusted. The structure is simple, the floor space is small, and the noise is low, which is suitable for small and medium-sized farmers.http://www.china-hqpelletmill.com/