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Causes and prevention measures of two common faults of feed pellet machine
- Jul 17, 2018 -

The feed pellet machine is easy to use and has been widely used. In practical applications, there may be problems of low yield or even granulation due to some factors. The reason for this failure is that the first reason may be that the flat mold has a low yield due to the poor use of the die hole, and the second reason may be that the moisture content of the material is too high or too low.


In addition, if the distance between the press roll and the flat die is too large during the operation of the feed pellet machine, or the press roll or flat die wear is severe, and there is a problem such as slipping or aging of the V-belt, the yield is also caused. decline. For these reasons, we need to use oil-based grinding and lubrication, work for a period of time to increase production, and pay attention to control the moisture content of the material, properly adjust the compression bolts, tension or replace the V-belt.


Another common problem is that the powder content of the finished pellets produced by the feed pellet machine is too high, mainly including: 1. Low water content; 2. Excessive wear of the flat mold and too small thickness. At this time, the moisture content of the material can be appropriately increased. If the flat mold is severely worn, a new flat mold should be replaced.