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Application and characteristics of feed mixer
- Jul 30, 2018 -

So far, with its superior performance, feed mixers have been widely used in the mixing of powder, granule, flake, block and viscous materials in feed, food, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceutical and other industries. Using the principle of instantaneous weight loss, the material is mechanically acted in the feed mixer to produce an all-round compound cycle, which is widely staggered without dead angles and achieves uniform mixing.


From the operation of the feed mixer, the entire mixing process is mild and does not destroy the original physical state of the material. The filling amount is variable in a large range, and the discharging adopts a bottom unloading type large opening door structure, and the discharging material has no residue quickly. Moreover, the discharge port is sealed reliably and there is no leakage.


In the process of mixing, the feed mixer is mainly connected directly by means of a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, and has a simple structure and high operation reliability. The large-scale mixer is easy to maintain. If the material is too corrosive, you can use high-grade stainless steel equipment or a feed mixer with a lining resistant layer.