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Animal feed production line characteristics and process
- Aug 29, 2018 -

The animal feed production line can be used to produce and process different pellet feeds. The production line uses a unique processing technology and equipment configuration to achieve automated production and easy operation. First of all, its price is economical, practical, and easy to operate and maintain. In the animal feed production line, the design of each process is compact and reasonable, and the floor space is small, which greatly reduces the construction investment of the plant.


The animal feed production line is suitable for aquatic products, livestock animal feed production, etc. In practical applications, the operation of the whole system is relatively simple and stable.


The main process of the animal feed production line can be summarized as follows: first, the raw material is prepared, and then the powder is mixed → transport → tempering → extrusion puffing - → transport - → dry - → screening - → injection - → seasoning - → cooling → (Packaging) Feed machinery and equipment configuration: Mixing machine → Feeding machine → Tempering → Puffing machine → Air feeding machine → Seven-layer oven → Vibrating screen → Hoist → Fuel injection machine → Roller seasoning → Cooling machine, and finally use packaging The machine is packaged.