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Animal Feed Hammer Mill maintenance and safety requirements
- Jul 21, 2018 -

During the use of the Animal Feed Hammer Mill, care must be taken to ensure safe production. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out maintenance inspections on the equipment on a regular basis, including inspections on power supply, lubrication, and wear. Moreover, during the operation of the feed mill, the staff should not be allowed to leave the job and avoid emergencies.


In the process of operating the feed mill, the speed of the mill should be reasonably controlled, and the speed of the mill should not be arbitrarily increased. It is usually allowed to differ from the rated speed by 8% to 10%. When the pulverizer is working with a larger power machine, care should be taken to control the flow rate and make the flow uniform, so that it cannot be suddenly and slowly. In the daily work, you should pay attention to adding grease. When you hear abnormal sound, stop immediately, and the standby device can be stopped for maintenance.


After using the Animal Feed Hammer Mill every day, it should be cleaned up in time. The staff also needs to carefully check whether the screws in all parts of the machine are loose or wear parts such as claws and sieves. At the same time, it is necessary to carefully clean the raw materials to be pulverized. It is strictly forbidden to mix metal parts such as copper, iron, lead and other large stones into the sawdust crushing room.