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Advantages and solubility of the forage grass pellet making machine
- Dec 19, 2018 -

During the operation of the forage grass pellet making machine, the air is effectively purified and heated, and then sucked from the lower part of the dryer by the induced draft fan, passing through the distribution plate of the hopper, so that the material powder particles are in a circulating fluidized state in the dryer; After the binder solution is atomized through the nozzle, several particles are aggregated into agglomerates. Due to the continuous drying of the hot air, the water of the pellets evaporates and the binder solution solidifies. This process is repeated to form the desired, uniform porous spherical particles.

The boiling granulation method of the forage grass pellet making machine is a comprehensive application of the spray technology and the fluidization technology, which makes the traditional mixing, granulating and drying processes completed in the same equipment at one time, so it is also called "one-step granulator".

1. Improve fluidity and reduce dust flying through powder granulation.

2. Improve its solubility by powder granulation.

3. The mixing, granulating, and drying processes are completed in the same equipment at one time, improving thermal efficiency.

4. Adopt frequency conversion speed control device, the hopper adopts inflatable seal and the seal is reliable.

5. Excellent speed regulation performance, set pressure relief hole, safe to use.

6. The equipment has no dead angle, the loading and unloading materials are light and fast, easy to clean, and comply with GMP regulations.