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Advantages and precautions of the double shaft horizontal mixer
- Dec 26, 2018 -

The double shaft horizontal mixer has compact structure and good sealing performance during the production process. The whole equipment can be equipped with a gray-proof plate at the feeding port to prevent the water mist from collapsing. The mixing is uniform, the stirring blade is fan-shaped, and the contact area with the medium during mixing. Large, nozzles are arranged in multiple rows, the water volume is uniform and adjustable; the residual ash rate is low, and the watershed setting at the bottom of the cabinet ensures that there is no dead angle in the equipment.

Advantages of the double shaft horizontal mixer

The main performance of the the double shaft horizontal mixer is very stable, the mixing amount is large and the mixing effect is good. It can be produced continuously in the production line with low noise, simple maintenance and low cost. It is used in the production of briquette for the first mixture. The longer the length of the machine, the better the mixing effect. This machine is a general-purpose mixing equipment, which can be used in many powder production industries.

Precautions for use of the double shaft horizontal mixer

1. Before the test run, add gasoline or kerosene, wash the tank, the parts in the oil pool after operation, and then prevent it. Add gear oil and put it into operation.

2. Before the test run, climb the tape wheel by hand to make the spindle idle for several weeks, and then start the barrier and abnormal phenomenon.

3. When starting the main engine, the motor must reach the rated speed, and then the clutch should be slowly combined. Avoid excessive force, damage the machine and reduce the life of the machine.